Reyna’s Dream

Built by me from the ground up, I’ve put my heart and soul into every detail of this shop, and every aspect has been placed with intention. My goal for Sauvvy is to create a shop for women like me, women that are relentless at chasing their dreams by any means necessary and do so in the most fabulous outfits. Not only do I want to share my love for clothes, but also tell a raw romance story about my heart, passions and the life I’m chasing. My inspiration has come from countless hours I’ve spent indulging in my favorite things: wine, travel, shopping, and love songs. This shop represents my past, my present, and my future, with the fashion and music - sharing a part of my sensitivity and soul. I wanted to make Sauvvy so personal and unique, so I sourced each piece with careful consideration, in hopes that you’ll wear them on your wild adventures, special celebrations, and memorable life moments. 

Sauvvy is for the global trendsetters who keep it simple, are effortlessly cool, and forever hopeless romantics. We make it easy to find dreamy staple pieces with that pop of style & grace. As we continue to grow, I'm committed to always evolve but maintain this timeless concept. 

This store has given my life a whole new meaning and purpose. It’s been a magical experience bringing this dream to life. I’ve wanted this so bad, for so long! I hope Sauvvy will speak to your wildest dreams, like it does to mine.

To all my girls out there - confident, free spirited and just want to have a good time - this is for you, "Lover's Only" ;) and I love you!



"You're SO Cool"